Morne Patterson - Business Success Tips For Startups

While many startups fail, countless have also made it. Obviously, those who made it did most things right. Here are some business success tips from companies who have survived their early years.


Business Strategy - Successful companies have a game plan, a carefully devised plan of action to achieve the bottom line. The business plan helps them to see the big picture where there are well-defined elements of the business and how each element relates to the other and to the bigger picture. The strategy is well thought out to consider risks and changes. It is also flexible to make room for change and growth. And, it is executed exactly right to achieve the goal.


Marketing - Successful businesses put emphasis on advertising, promotion and selling. There is concentrated effort in understanding their selling environment, building their product, satisfying their customers, innovation and creativity. Operating System - Successful companies have a process for adjusting, organizing and controlling important tasks. It is a method which includes guidelines and schedules for getting things done through the proper use of resources so that all the interrelated parts and tasks of the entire business is carried out and completed successfully while keeping costs down.


Money Management - Successful businesses regulate their financial affairs. They devise a budget which specifies how financial resources will be spent for a particular purpose for a particular period of time. They take the time to examine financial accounts and verify them as correct. They pay attention to the amount of money going to overheads and payments in comparison with the amount of money coming in.


Customer Approval - Successful companies consider it a helpful action and a matter of reputation to please their customers. They continually develop and improve their products and services. They regularly renew product offers and share valuable free stuff. They give customers opportunities to try their products before deciding whether they really want to buy it. They always enhance the whole customer experience to add to the pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction.


Change - Successful companies always adjust according to circumstances and fine-tune themselves to any new situation. They understand that change is required for positive development. They look at change as possibilities and opportunities to progress rather than dangers or hindrances to stop them. They take risks, despite the danger of losing or the chance of something going wrong, in order to pass from their moderate state to become larger, more successful, more advanced.


Technology - Successful businesses invest in effective technology because they understand that it results to efficiency and productivity. It helps them achieve desired results by productive use of resources without wasted energy or effort.


Continual Learning - In successful companies there is an ongoing process of improvement. The people working together have the same opinion about making things better and becoming better. They go into training to learn new information and acquire new skills. People get promoted and move up in the ranks to gain new experience. There is a repeated show of support and mentoring where the more experienced advises and guides the less experienced people.


Positivity - Successful companies have a quality of being positive. The leaders and the people they work with are almost always in a state of being confident and optimistic. They handle difficult or stressful situations in a controlled calm. They are certain about making things happen and they focus on good things rather than bad so that in time they actually produce good results.